Specialised glass etching and design


Buderim glass -Specialized Glass Etching & Design

Ever found an image that you would love to have displayed in your home, office, restaurant or resort?

Ever considered having it displayed in a beautiful piece of specialty designed and etched glass?

Well here the team at Buderim Glass and Screens can help you out.

We’ve customised an array of images and designs that can be etched directly onto any substrate…..and we mean anything!  Glass of any type, marble, granite, precious metals, plastics, timber and for something a little different, we can even etch a design to your favourite piece of denim clothing.
We can create magnificent masterpieces and the only limit is the imagination!

We can transfer practically any image onto a large variety of materials, man-made or natural.

Just ask us for any advice and options & we will create for you a personalised etching that you will treasure forever!